22 May 2014
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Differences Between Men and Woman!

Have you ever wondered what are the main differences between men and women? Well, take your time and get amazed by the results! Here are some of the funniest differences between men and women.
– Women always have the last word in a discussion!

– Women appear to always be right in everything!

– Usually, women make the rules in a relationship!

– Bedroom:
Women – have always clean and tidy rooms
Men – have always messy rooms

– Bathroom:
Men – three maximum four items;
Women – thousands items, but never enough!

– Shopping:
Men – always know what they are looking for;
Women – go shopping and buy everything they find!

– Future:
Women always think about the future;
Men never think about the future until they actually meet a woman

– Memory:
Women will always remember a fight and continue reproaching it for many years in a row;
Men: when a man says ‘Let’s forget everything and start all over again’ he really means that!

– Grocery
A woman will make a list on a weekly basis and will go shopping for much more things than anticipated;
Men will wait until there will be nothing left in the fridge but a bottle of beer and a banana and only then they will go shopping for food ‘As long as there is beer, I don’t need anything else!’

– Sex:
Women prefer at least 30 minutes of foreplay;
Men prefer 30 seconds of foreplay

– Magazines:
The majority of women prefer ‘lifestyle magazines’ or ‘cooking magazines';
Men, I believe we all know the truth, prefer ‘magazines with naked women’and ‘car magazines’, anyway something technical or erotic.

– Dressing:
Women need at least an hour to prepare before getting out of the house;
Men get whatever comes first out of the closet and off they go! 10 minutes are more than enough

– Laundry:
Women will do laundry on a regular basis;
Men will wear everything they have and only when they will get to the last piece of clean clothing, only then a bell will ring for them!

– Interpretation of words:
‘A guy thing’ – women: There is that common day of the week when you have to stay home, because I need some time alone to spend it with my friends! The talks, the time and the habits are not of your concern!

‘Do you want me to help you with the dinner?’ – women: Isn’t that ready yet? I’m hungry! I can’t believe how slow you are!’

‘Yes, yes, of course’ – women: Bla, bla. Shut up once and for all! We’ll do as you like so that you won’t speak that much!’

‘Take a break honey! You are probably dead tired!’ – women: ‘I don’t want you disturbing me anymore! I want to see the game in silence! Keep it low! Will you? And no, I don’t want to help you!’

‘I’m doing this for you! I have some strong reasons!’ – women: ‘I’ll think of some strong reasons till next time! I promise!’

‘I’ll help you with the chores!’ – women: ‘You’ll do the work, while I’ll put some quality music, just for you babe!’

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