22 May 2014
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How to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Perhaps the most difficult part in writing is getting started. We all experience this feeling of not knowing where and how to begin be it in the case of a professional and expert writer or a starter or a less experienced one.

Writers have this inner urge to finish an article in the first try. But no one, even seasoned writers really gets it perfectly in the first draft. Even if you try, you will always end up proofreading, editing, and revising. Scribbling is one simple way to get started. Just like how we all started to learn how to write as kids — we scribble on walls. Just write what is in your head. Write your thoughts and feelings. You could also talk to yourself out loud then write down the words that come out. Doing these simple activities with a specific topic in mind will get you into some point where you could actually begin your story. It may seem messy and cluttered at first glance but if you will lean back and see the big picture, that white paper which was blank minutes ago is now sprinkled with ideas and thoughts good enough for you to write your introduction.

The challenge you as a writer might encounter after getting started is how to get going. You might get stuck again after writing the introduction. If you can not overcome this next obstacle, your article will most probably be left unfinished. So to get your self going, do simple activities to keep you in rhythm with writing and keep those thoughts freely flowing. Playing your favorite music might help. It is a helpful way to clear and relax one’s mind. Sometimes the stress and pressure of finishing a story, especially those that have dead lines, do harm to the writer instead therefore making it doubly difficult for him to write and compose. You could also try indulging in your favorite dessert while scribbling. Sometimes an empty and unsatisfied stomach gets in the way. Instead of you thinking of what to write, you are bothered by the rumblings in your belly. Going to a spot in your room where you could be inspired to write could be ideal. Face towards the wall of your room where a nice picture frame of waterfalls is hung. This could be a good source of inspiration when you are writing about nature’s beauty for example.

Most often than not, writers need some sort of motivation in order to write especially those who are self-proclaimed “moody writers.” Speaking of mood swings, sometimes it will work if you find out what time of the day your mind and body is as its best and then write on that specific moment. It is sometimes called your “peak hour.” Some writers have in themselves conditions before they could get into the “mood” of writing. If you happen to feel this state of not being ready, go ahead tune yourself up first, get yourself ready, buckle up and get on with writing!

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