28 May 2014
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How To Grow Your Existing Business With The Power Of Public Speaking Article

In this brief and to the point article series, I’m going to disclose the six reasons public speaking ought to be immediately added as a part of your current business model, and provide you some bonus content too that could show you how to get off to a fast-start:

1.) Gain Instant Credibility- So you could become the “perceived” authority in your market and increase your sales revenue.

2.) Get Free Publicity in Newspapers, Magazines and Trade Journals- So more potential customers learn about you (at little or no cost to you).

3.) Create an Additional Revenue Stream- In accordance with your ‘topic’ or specialization…you can get paid checks for talking about what you already know! It’s great when you can get paid for a presentation talking about ideas that you’d talk about anyway on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

4.) Then, You Could Create Even Another Revenue Stream Called a Platform Offering. There are many events, meetings, and seminars where, although you may not be paid a check to speak, you could speak. Additionally, you can offer your products and/or services to the audience, so they could immediately take advantage of what you have to offer.

5.) Gain Spin-Off Business- The spin-off business from public speaking could be amazing because you could receive additional business opportunities from audience members that may immediately generate additional sales revenue.

6.) Build Your Contact List and Create an Immediate Following…FAST. This is where you start one-to-many marketing! When you talk with a group, you can immediately attract raving fans who want to follow you and want to purchase your products and/or services. Public speaking is an excellent way to start lead generation and list building due to the immediate connection audience members have with you.

My close friend and world-class motivational speaker, Jonathan Sprinkles says, “People won’t hear you until they know you…” Allow me to share a little more about me and my background so you’ll understand how this all came about as far as speaking. The first thing you have to know about me is that I was not always a successful speaker, author, trainer, coach & consultant, entrepreneur, internet marketer & info-preneur. In Fact, I was FAR FROM IT!

I remember back when I first began speaking which seems like yesterday. I cannot even begin to tell you how discouraged I became. Probably the same feeling you get on occasion when your business is struggling. There were SO many times when I thought about “throwing in the towel” and walking away from pursuing my dream of getting paid to speak for sharing my message. I seemed to be just “spinning my wheels” and often felt like a complete failure!

At one point, I lived in a tiny apartment on Brand Blvd. in Glendale, California that was dangerous. There were steel bars on the windows to make sure nobody would break in. I slept every night with a softball bat just in case there was a break-in while I was sleeping (I’m not kidding). Financially, it was getting more and more challenging. Bills were coming in that I just could not cover. I tried everything to make more money speaking, but NOTHING seemed to work. I had no idea what to do!

I was about to fall flat on my face and give-up, when one day THE MAJOR TURNING POINT happened. I was talking on the telephone with a mentor, who has really successful in business and a multimillionaire. While we were catching-up on things, I asked him this question, “Why are the majority of of your businesses successful?” I figured he’d say something about his extensive business knowledge or 30+ years of experience. His response stunned me…and became the “KEY” that was the “turning point” for my entire speaking business!

He said, “The reason is simple and is what I consider being the secret for anybody to succeed in ANY business, even the speaking business! The reason is because I don’t study and learn from leading experts in my industry like so many others do who fail in my industry. I study and gain knowledge from leading MARKETERS!” What? I am not sure I follow you,” I replied.

He carried on, “Noone in ANY business can ever be successful if they don’t know how to correctly market their services or products and get people to purchase them. Just because somebody is a top expert in your industry, doesn’t mean they know how to market. Why would you want to spend your time and possibly waste your money trying to study and learn from them? I would rather just go right out and study and learn from top MARKETERS because they understand how to do one thing better than anybody, MAKE MONEY FROM MARKETING!” Right away, a Light Bulb Went Off in My Head! What if I did the same!?! What if I studied and learned from leading marketers and took what I learned and just applied it to my speaking, writing, training, coaching & consulting business!?!

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