23 May 2014
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Information Product Creation: Packaging What’s In Your Head and Heart

We all have our core message squished somewhere in that wealth of knowledge that is our brains. The biggest challenge is how to get it out without messing it up in the process. That�s were CREATIVITY comes in. When I mention creativity most people assume I am talking about actual artist talent. Not everybody is gifted with artistic talent but we are all gifted with the ability to step up our lives. True creative geniuses are those that understand that a paintbrush is not required for the creativity of stepping up your life and creating the art which is your life! Living creatively means making your life your canvas and transforming your life into something beautiful and purposeful. Start treating every day as an empty canvas for you to work with. You can find opportunity in everything you do from the food you eat, laying nicely on a plate and sitting down with candles or buying fresh flowers to brighten your office and your mood. It could be how you dress, what you wear, how you do your hair. As crazy as that sounds, I think differently when I wear my hair curly or when I wear it straight. What small change can you make to initiate a different creative response? Stepping it up in your life and stepping up your surroundings in creative ways moves you to another level in your thinking and inspires you to create in ways you never thought you could. It can be the ground work for thinking outside your comfort zone and creating an info product that touches others.

If you are feeling stuck or blocked in any way, try these simple techniques for moving past it. Set yourself up in a creative space, by decluttering and making room and space for the new ideas to flow. Light candles, make some fancy tea, sit outside or wherever you feel happy, take a walk in the woods and just start writing and brainstorming ideas on the paper.

Now if you are thinking that all this sounds a little �out there� and �silly�, you�ve got to believe that these steps shift your mindset and your thinking enough to get you to relax and let it all flow. The trick that worked best for me when I was creating my signature product was to actually visualize that I was speaking to my teenage daughter and telling her everything that she needed to know about my topic. I pretended that I had only one hour to give her all the valuable information that she needed to know. I bulleted what I would tell her. Thinking in that way made it easy for me to get rid of the unimportant information and focus on the necessary information.. I concentrated on only the things that mattered that she needed to know and weeded out any other stuff that was confusing and unnecessary.

Remember that the only barrier is the one you create in your own head. So get out of your own way and give yourself permission to fail as it will give you the freedom to succeed. When fear, doubt and worry come into your thoughts, just politely thank them for sharing and ask the confidence to return.

Packaging matters. People say don�t judge a book by it�s cover. But I always do. When I am in a book store surrounded by tons of books around me, I go for the one with the nicest cover. You want to package your product to have maximum value. You don�t want it to look like you just threw it together. Treat your knowledge and information as the valuable service that it is. Take a little care in the delivery of it. If it has a nice package you can expect to receive a little more for it.

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