19 May 2014
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Nia, Writing, and Veganism

Brianna Ladapo, communications professional, has distinguished herself through accomplishments in several fields. She lives in New York City now, but grew up in San Diego and attended Harvard. Her achievements truly span the nation.
Before Harvard, Brianna attended UC Davis. She got a BA in English and traveled to Boston, where she worked for Harvard Medical School. She enrolled at Harvard soon afterward, and graduated with an MLA in English.
English was Brianna’s first passion. She has won awards for her fiction and poetry. She has published one book and is working on a second. Her first is entitled How Environment and Natural Space Reflect Cultural Power Struggles in the Novels of Leslie Marmon Silko.
Much of Brianna’s work focuses on literature that details the struggles of colonized people. Silko, as a Native American writer, has a unique perspective on the matter. Brianna has also conducted cultural studies in Western Europe and Egypt. These experiences fuelled her writing, as well.
Brianna’s second book is entitled Sufficiency: The Power of Enough. She recently studied consumer culture and materialism. The book’s premise is that this stems from the individual’s sense of deprivation. Brianna believes that gratitude for what we do have increases our happiness more than material things.
Brianna Ladapo believes in a holistic approach to medicine, and to life. Her beliefs about sufficiency speak to this. Brianna is also pursuing a doctorate in naturopathic health, which promotes alternative medicine.
The Naturopathic Approach
Alternative medicine encompasses acupuncture, Oriental medicine, botanical remedies, and homeopathy. Naturopathic doctors are educated in traditional medicine, but encourage natural remedies as a way to heal ailments. They do use modern diagnostic processes and standards of care. However, they recognize that the body is able to heal itself.
Brianna believes in preventative treatments rather than isolating problems from their sources. Holistic medicine dictates that everything is connected, from the physical to the psychological to the spiritual. Naturopathic medicine treats the whole person, rather than the illness itself.
Many illnesses are preventable through awareness of the body. Naturopathy holds that illness is not a result of external forces, but is the body attempting to defend itself. Therefore, disease is part of the solution. It occurs when the body is out of balance. One must listen to one’s body in order to return it to harmony.
An important part of this is nutrition. Brianna Ladapo eats vegan for its health benefits and sustainability. Brianna’s body is especially important to her because of her passion for dance. It’s important for her to keep it healthy and in good working order.
Health Through Movement
Nia is one of the most important parts of Brianna’s life. She has studied several movement forms throughout her life, including yoga and pilates. Pilates didn’t sufficiently feed her spirit, and yoga didn’t provide enough cardiovascular exercise.
Nia, however, provides both. It is a movement method with roots in yoga, along with the Feldenkrais Method and the Alexander Technique. It also borrows from jazz, modern dance, and Duncan dance. Like tai kwon do, it has a belt system. It also integrates aspects of t’ai chi and aikido.
Brianna is a blue belt Nia instructor at The Nia Technique. Each of her classes includes 52 moves in a choreographed routine. It is performed barefoot, to spiritually stirring music.
Each Nia belt is associated with 13 Nia principles. Each level explores 5 core competency areas: movement, music, anatomy, science and philosophy. Since Brianna is a blue belt, she is currently exploring relationships, communication, and intimacy. Her 13 principles include:
1. The Joy of Being In Relationship
2. The Power of Two
3. Awareness, Insight, Clarity
4. Developmental Anatomy
5. The Power of Three
6. Split, Ellipt, Blend
7. Nia Class Format
8. The Power of Silence and Sound
9. Form and Freedom
10. FloorPlay
11. Music, Movement, Magic
12. Observe, Listen, Guide
13. Vertical Routines
Brianna Ladapo has both learned and taught Nia at The Nia Technique. She has found it to be spiritually and personally beneficial. She also credits Nia for helping her become the successful professional that she is today.
Brianna Ladapo Explains Veganism
Brianna’s vegan diet has played an integral role in her health-conscious lifestyle. Veganism forces her to carefully consider what she is putting into her body. It does not allow for the consumption of animal products of any kind. This includes meat, milk, eggs, and honey.
Brianna’s reasons for veganism are primarily health-related, but there are several reasons to go vegan. Vegans diverge in motivation, including:
• Dietary Vegans

Brianna is a self-described dietary vegan. This means that she eats vegan for its many health benefits. Veganism is associated with lower obesity levels and lowered rates of cardiovascular disease.
A vegan diet can benefit those suffering from type 2 diabetes. It can prevent and reverse the effects of heart disease. On average vegans have a lower BMI than non-vegans. Veganism must be practiced with care, however. As a result of improper planning, vegans can fall victim to vitamin deficiencies.

• Environmental Vegans

Brianna has always felt concern for the environment. One of her reasons for veganism is environmental. Many consider the meat industry unsustainable.
According to Wikipedia, animal agriculture is causing climate change, water pollution, land degradation, and decline in biodiversity. Overall, an omnivore’s diet uses more land, water, and energy than that of a vegan. Knowing this, Brianna chooses to abstain from animal products.

• Ethical Vegans

Brianna is an animal lover, and hates to see them suffer. Many vegans choose their path because they feel the same way. Despite its economic benefits, there is no denying that the meat industry treats animals cruelly.

Ethical vegans, in addition to abstaining from eating animal products, do not use them at all. These include things like leather, beeswax, wool, and silk. They see veganism as a philosophy and lifestyle, not just a diet.
Health advocate Brianna Ladapo also sees her veganism as a way of life. She uses it to channel all of her talents. Nutrition supporter Brianna Ladapo eats vegan as part of her Nia regimen. Her writing skills are applied to her vegan food blog. Indeed, Brianna Ladapo pours her whole self into everything she does.

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