14 May 2014
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Tips on How to Write and Deliver the Perfect Groom Toast

Groom toasts are most probably the most important element of any wedding ceremony. People eagerly wait for the groom’s speech, and thus it has to be remarkable so that it can satisfy the expectations of all the attendees. You therefore can’t afford to present an average toast as it will surely dishearten your guests. If you are about to wed and you are expected to deliver a speech, here are some brilliant tips that will help you to not only satisfy the expectations of your guests but to also please your bride.
First and foremost, you should plan your speech to make it impressive. Planning is the key to success, so they say; and groom toasts aren’t an exception. Planning your speech will help you to know the things that you’d like to incorporate into your speech before hand. However, make sure that all you plan to speak about is based on the truth. It will also help you build your confidence which will in turn help you to have the ability of speaking flawlessly before your guests. Planning should be done by everyone and not those who have no experience in public speaking alone. It is also of importance that you put to heart the opening line when you are planning. The opening line of any speech creates the first impression and will therefore make or break your toast. A captivating opening line will grab the attention of your guests and offer ease in keeping their interests alive up to the end of your toast.
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Make sure that you mention and thank the people who went out of their way to make the occasion a success. Equally important, thank your parents, your in-laws, and the attendees. This will make a good impression of you and also depict you as a man of gratitude. Another thing you should do is to be a little interactive. Don’t make the speech too formal; it is your wedding speech and not a speech on an official function. Interact with the audience by either asking questions or seeking clarification here and there. To do this, choose a delivery method that is flexible enough to allow you to interact with your audience. However, don’t overdo the interaction. Keep your speech on target and make sure that you delivered your primary message. Most groom toasts are kind of thanksgiving speeches that also, though lightly, praise the bride.
As above mentioned, it’s a speech on your wedding day and not an official speech full of data reports and sophisticated presentations. Be lively and pass that feeling of joy to your audience. You can easily do this by incorporating humor in your speech. Funny groom toasts are the best way to attract the audience’s attention and making it entertaining. Inject some jokes in between your speech but make sure that the jokes suit the occasion and that the jokes are creative. You should also steer away from jokes that could embarrass anybody. The last thing you want is a joke that will turn into a source of humiliation or upset. Thank you.

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