14 May 2014
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Some Tips for Writing and Delivering a Funeral Speech

Writing and delivering a eulogy or other funeral speech can be an extremely difficult task, especially if you were particularly close to the person you will be talking about or if you are not used to public speaking. However, as with all aspects of dealing with the passing of a loved one, this is something that can and should be faced up to, no matter how much of a challenge it may seem at the time. Here, we have come up with a few ideas you could use when planning your speech.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is remembering to write down what you are thinking about saying. There are several reasons for this, with an obvious one being that you might find it a struggle to keep completely composed when the day of the funeral arrives.

Regardless of how cool and calm people are most of the time, including when going through their speeches, it is all too easy to be overcome by the emotion of the occasion itself; being able to refer to your ‘script’ will ensure that you do not lose your train of thought and will also prevent unintentionally talking for too long. Generally speaking, setting a maximum limit of 10 minutes is a good idea, as this should mean that the importance of what you are saying is not lost in its delivery.

Another way in which writing your thoughts down can act as a support is that another friend or family member could take over from you if you feel that you can no longer continue. Therefore, you should always be careful to have a spare copy of what you plan to say to hand before the service begins.

It is also vital to keep in mind that everyone who comes to the funeral has done so because the person who has passed away was special to them, too. Although delivering the eulogy undoubtedly means that you should draw on your own memories of the deceased, don’t forget to at least mention others whom the loved one you are saying goodbye to was close with.

Finally, make sure that your speech is truly a celebration of the life that is being remembered on the day. Funerals can be very upsetting occasions, and there are many people who wish to avoid them altogether; however, making your recollections as upbeat as possible will be a good way of creating a positive atmosphere on what will be a hard day.

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