10 May 2014
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Writing and Speaking go hand n hand

The method that has for years created some of the best speakers, authors, and teachers is the simple process of taking and idea from your thoughts and transferring them to paper.Once you are able to put what you think or know on paper at that point you are in a position of authority. Your have the ingredients for several different paths to take. First you could simply become a writer, second you can become a teacher, third and probably the most difficult for many people is to become a speaker.

When you are focused on the writing part, the prospect of writing a book has for most people a certain appeal. And from a teachers point of view, almost everything written down has the possibility of being taught to someone else. Now back to the speaker,the point of interest from their prospective is being out in front of a crowd, and more than half the people who are asked to speak in public will decline. Now the reasons for this have several different responses. Fear being the number one response for the decline.

However, in order for a speaker to be effective, enlightening, and motivational, he or she must get up and speak. All the writing in the world won’t do a bit of good if no one reads, or speaks what has been written. Which is why I say that the two go hand n hand. It’s very difficult to read from memory, and it’s also hard to speak from memory, so the words have to be broken down into categories in order for a person to speak about a topic effectively. When we speak of being broken down we simply mean to structure the information that you have placed in front of you in a way that makes it easy to follow the pattern that you have set up to deliver your message to your audience.

As I speak of set up and patterns I mean things like: having a beginning, middle, and ending to the speech. Including bullet points- or key points that you want to highlight. And as simply as it may sound one of the things that I focus on when I speak is my actual entrance and exit. Because for me I want to know once I have finished which direction to go. Now after we reviewed all the things that writing and speaking have in common, it only makes sense to work on you skills in these two areas, you never know when you will be called upon to speak.

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